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South Central Artisans: May 14th Meeting

May 14, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

South Central Artisans is the new name of the merged group between Fiber Arts Guild and Crow River Arts. If you are interesting in becoming a part of this group and attending this event, find out more on their partner page.

May 14: Showing the Interrelationships of Nature to Create Abstract Art Using Altered Images by Jon Otteson of Otteson Photography

Artist’s statement:

One of my passions is exploring the mathematical randomness of nature. I use this randomness to create abstract art using both altered and altered images. Composition and texture are the two major components I search for when capturing images. Later, while I study the images, I often run across hidden images or colors come to light that I was not aware of at the time of the capture. My goal is generally to create an image that might have a spiritual quality or ignite the viewer’s imagination. Others may serve no other purpose than to be pleasing to the eye.

At the May meeting I will show some examples of the following categories that my fine art photography falls into:

Wabi sabi
These are images that can be found occurring nature or in urban environments. Typically they involve materials in a state of change such as aging, decaying or rusting. By cropping they take on an abstract appearance.

The study of the visual impact that motion has to alter and blend color and shapes of stationary objects. I use a technique I refer to as “camera dancing” where the brush is actually the subject as it’s colors and textures are transferred onto the camera’s sensor while randomly blending them into an intoxicating world never seen before by the naked eye. The result is mixture of unusual abstract shapes and patterns that I call “wisps” or “terra nebulas”. When you add chaos to the mundane you get images that begin to take on a mysterious, magical and intoxicating tone.

Asymmetrical symmetry
This ia a technique I use to modify images by selecting different sections of an image, mirroring them and then inserting them back into the image. The final image itself is asymmetrical but there are several instances of symmetry within it. When used on a landscape, it produces an appearance of an unusual energy that might be present. When applied to the images of bark, it creates unusual mystical images and landscapes that play with one’s imagination. The final images can be bizarre, haunting, whimsical or a combination of tones depending on the viewer.

These are altered and images that hint at a message that contradicts what people usually perceive as reality. They are usually created by combining two or more images and then blending the images into an image that has a mixture of textures and tones.

These are triptychs or multi-paneled images that have individual images that relate to each other.

The tapestries are created by taking one of the above examples and then incorporating a border created by images of bark or some other texture that would be appropriate for the final image.



May 14, 2015
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Hutchinson Center for the Arts
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