Give To The Max Day! November 12th 2015

Thursday, November 12th Welcome to Give to the Max Day! #GTMD15 is your social media key to keeping up to date on the organizations you want to support on Hutchinson Center for the Arts is excited to participate again in this 24 hour period of giving. HCA is also supporting our 12 Arts and […]

Partner Profile: South Central Artisans

What are the benefits of partnering with the Hutchinson Center for the Arts? Additional visibility is the main reason that South Central Artisans partners with the Hutchinson Center for the Arts.  The Center maintains a website with our information, participants can purchase event tickets online through the center, and we are in constant contact with […]

What Is A Six Word Story?

What is a Six Word Story? A Complete Story In Six Words. Famous American author, Ernest Hemingway has been credited with creating the short, short story. In the 1920’s Hemingway’s colleagues bet him he couldn’t write a complete story in 6 words. “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He proved them wrong; and is said […]

What Is A Community Build?

What Is A Community Build? A Community Cardboard Build is about exploring and experiencing our community in a new way. It allows children and adults to work as a team and inspires them to think creatively about what an ideal community would look like and include. Sergei Korsakov, curator of ‘Cardboardia’, an international Cardboard town, […]

What Are Chalk Mandalas?

What Are Chalk Mandalas? Mandala, once translated, means circle.  Today, mandalas are used as a way of focusing the mind, relaxation, for psychotherapy, and can even be found in adult coloring books. Generally, there is one recognizable center point of the Mandala from which an assortment of designs, shapes, or forms will flow. Mandalas contain both geometric […]